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            **STORE POLICY**


We suggest that you leave your valuables (i.e. jewelry) at home. TD Nail Salon cannot be responsible for damaged personal valuables during services and will not be liable for lost or stolen personal items or valuables. Also, please check to make sure that no belongings are left behind.


We love animals, but unfortunately no animals are allowed in our salon. Service dogs with official “Service Animal” vests are the only exception to this rule.ESAs (Emotional Support Animals) do not have public access rights in the U.S. No matter how disabled their handler is, only dogs that are task trained to mitigate a disability, are non-aggressive, and are trained to behave in public can be a service dog. Comfort, petting and “emotional support” are not considered tasks by the ADA (The Americans With Disabilities Act).


At TD Nail Salon, we have a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY. We have the right to refuse service to anyone at any time with NO REFUND. This includes but is not limited to the usage of drugs, alcohol, sexual comments/remarks, racism, threats, any act of violence, harassment or unacceptable, disruptive, abusive behavior and language we feel is inappropriate. Individuals displaying these types of behavior will be escorted from the premises and may be prosecuted. As licensed professionals, we follow a strict code of ethics. It is very important that a safe environment is maintained for ourselves and each of our clients.   WE VALUE YOUR COLOR, CLASS, CREED, GENDER, AND ORIENTATION. THIS IS A SAFE SPACE. ANYTHING LESS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.


While TD Nail Salon nail polish is free of the most toxic ingredients found in other nail polish, we do not want to mislead our clients into believing that our nail polishes are chemical-free. The reality is, in order for polish to stick to nails and adequately dry, it needs to have certain chemical ingredients. Until we discover a miracle product that is 100% chemical-free, we will continue to provide the cleanest, safest products possible without compromising beauty or function. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. All TD Nail Salon products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


By state law we must refuse service to anyone who appears to have any kind of communicable foot, hand or skin disease. A licensee shall not perform services on a client who appears to have an unhealthy condition, communicable disease, contagious conditions, an open wound, ingrown toenails, sore skin, or nail tissue that is inflamed, infected, broken, raised, or swollen.


TD Nail Salon has a 3 day complimentary repair for any chips, damages, and discoloration( Does not apply to regular polish).  The salon must be contacted within the 3 days and photos will be required as evidence to qualify for repair. TD Nail Salon has a NO REFUND policy.


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